Promotion program mobile recharge online offers of Digicel El Salvador


The Digicel has been known as a great company offering the service of mobile recharge online in the international scale. They has usually launched the programs of discounts or bonus for their customers including prepaid subscribers. Especially, the plan of promotion today has been the monthly program related to the bonus for minutes, not direct money made by the organizer of Digicel Bundles El Salvador. This means that it validates for customers of Digicel Bundles in the scale of this nation.
mobile recharge online offers
In detail, not all value of mobile top-up has been applied for this program. Digicel just has offered for the price as 15$, 20$ and 25$. Accordingly, prepaid mobile customers might consider before deciding to utilize the service mobile online recharge. For the program of this month, January, for each value of mobile prepaid above, Digicel has given the different merits for prepaid customers. Therefore, the intelligent customers can choose out the best one among mobile recharge online offers. First of all, for the 15$ available within this January, prepaid respectful customers have allowed to enjoy the package of 1000 minutes to phone to America or Canada.

Secondly, the package of 20$ offering other benefits, which have been 1000 minutes for calling to the same countries plus 2 GB navigation and using social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Last but not least, we can consider the third program of 25$ because it is highest value with great points. It includes 1000 minutes to make many phone calls for other subscribers of Digicel as well as others in America or Canada, adding 2 GB to the account for using online as well as endless social networks like the second one.

digicel online recharge offer

From three packages available above, we assess that the this has been a great program for prepaid mobile customers of Digicel in El Salvador among mobile recharge online offers. It will be utterly more grateful if you can take the use of this opportunity for giving it as a present to your relatives or friends. There is no more chance more wonderful than this one because you can call for your friends over continents. Enjoy it. We back up.


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