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It is a true story about my experience in using a cell phone and recharging it as well. When I was at high school, I lived far from my home for my study. One day, my uncle gave me his old mobile phone to help me contact with my parents because I could only come back home every weekend. I had never used such kind of phone before so many technical words or phrases such as “Airtel digital”, “Airtel prepaid recharge” or “ mobile top up ” seemed so new and strange to me. I was a little bit ridiculous when it took me a whole day to learn how to make a phone call, how to text a message, and of course how to top up a prepaid recharge from my roommate.

online mobile top up

At that time, the Internet was quite rare and most of people recharged their mobiles by the traditional way: going to the stores or any shops selling mobile cards, coming back home and scraping the layer of covering lead to get the number chain, and finally making some syntaxes to top up their prepaid recharge. I still remember the way my mother helps me to recharge whenever there was a mobile recharge offer. She bought the mobile card, came back home and called me to ask me to note down the number chain. Obviously, she never forgot to require me to top up immediately in order not to miss a chance for a recharge offer day. Generally speaking, it was some kind of time-consuming and so complicated when doing like that.

However, nowadays the world has changed so fast and we can see a drastic development of mobile services, especially the online mobile top up. Personally I think that this online mobile recharge is extremely simple and convenient to use. Only by sitting in front of a computer or a laptop or even a mobile connected the Internet could we easily get an online recharge Airtel. These days, my mother no longer has to go to the store to buy a mobile card for me, but vice versa I could purchase an online mobile recharge coupons and top up for myself, for both of my parents and my younger brother as well.

To conclude, thanks to this great innovation, not only I but also a lot of other customers who have Internet can save time and even money when using online Airtel prepaid recharge. Therefore, I believe that all of us can enjoy the very best of life with the aid of the online mobile top up.

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