Big offers on mobile online recharge of Movistar Guatemala


It is undeniable that the Movistar has been the very giant telecommunication company in the service of top-up mobile, especially their offers on mobile online recharge are highly special. The content of this promotion will be showed more in this writing and this seems to be one of the great strategy for stimulating the customers of Movistar.

offers on mobile online recharge
This time, Movistar will provide the promotion of bonus triple. Can you imagine that just after a click of mouse, you could get your money in mobile credit up to three time compared with the original amount. This might make you feel so interesting when you recharge your mobile. However, we want to remind you that among 12 countries this telecommunication company offers on mobile online recharge, just in Guatemala will be applied for this promotion program. Therefore, prepaid customers of Guatemala are going to be encouraged to top up their mobile on 17 January 2016. Although this mobile company has launched many other programs of promotion every month, we still do hope that you guys, the intelligent customers will get the golden opportunity for to recharge mobile online to triple your money. For this program, the accepted nominated prices have been more than 10$. Therefore, please click your mouse on the icon of 10$ or more. When we exchange this nominated prices into the domestic currency, the values should be more than 75 GTM for each turn of offers on recharge mobile online. The special item here is that it has been applied for all prepaid ATH plans, which is not often used every month. You might think that with the mobile credit tripled, you can talk more with your friends, or in other words, you can triple the time of chatting with friends every month. Moreover, if you are a saver, you can take use of this amount for the next month if you will not consume all the prepaid amount of money recharged last month.

The New Year eve has been the great time for wishes, so how about triple your mobile credit and give or send the love lines for your beloved parents, friends and lovers. This opportunity has been one of the golden program of Movistar in Guatemala in January. We advise the smart subscribers prepaid online recharge on that day.


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