A story of choosing gift of a child – Top-up mobile phone?


My brother’s birthday has been coming near, but I have not known what gift I should choose to buy for him. After a long time of considering, I decide to give him a number of choices, then he can choose among them. Therefore, I can buy that gift which meets the expectation of my younger brother. The list of presents I gave him includes ten types of products. The first one has been a teddy bear, the second is clothes, the third is notebook, the fourth is a pair gloves, the fifth is a hat, the sixth is a pair of glasses, the next one is the pair of shoes, the eighth one is the floppy, the ninth is the mobile card charging 20 USD, and the last one is the right to be paid all of fee in using mobile next month.

Top up mobile phone

After thinking for some minutes, my beloved brother decided to choose the last present. He said that this present seems to be the most valuable one because he uses the mobile phone very often. Therefore, this kind of service will be the best. He usually phones his boss, his colleagues, his girlfriend every day. The mobile charge can be up to 100 USD. This choice has been very intelligent and practical because the other kinds of presents can be out of fashion or worn out after used for several months. For this service of payment of free mobile online recharge, this kind of present has become the best choice for any person because using the mobile phone has been the everyday habit. Nobody wants to go out in the cold winter just to buy a mobile card to continue typing message for good night with their lovers.

In conclusion, I decided to register an account of convenient mobile recharge under my credit card to pay for him all fee of mobile phone next month. I think over this gift because I have used this kind of service for several months and assess it as a successful invention in mobile technology. I will continue choosing this kind of service as a gift for birthday or other occasions of my friends. They might be happy and pleasant with this gift.


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